Well, crud.

For the second time in my career, a RIF fell on me.

As of April 26, I am no longer employed by Anthem. I have some payments coming from them (“supplemental unemployment benefit”, not technically “severance”; the difference is complex and frustrating), and some savings, so I don’t have to panic-jump at the first job I see, so I am settling in for a marathon.

The last time this happened, in 2002, I did get a lump-sump severance, and used it to smooth over the bumps in a couple of years of independent consulting.

That’s less likely, this time. The landscape is different; the demand is much lower for the skills I built that practice on.

So I am taking it a little slower, looking at options, polishing some skills, using the resources, and trusting that the Lord has a plan for me at this time.