Tea Tray

Some weeks ago, Barbie got a plastic tea set for our granddaughter Zoe. Zoe absolutely loves to play with it, handing out pretend tea to any humans or stuffies who happen to be in the room, sometimes for nearly an hour at a time. That’s a lot of focus for a two-year-old.

So, I decided that she neeeded a tea tray to keep and use her tea set on. Since the tea set has a Disney Cinderella theme, I used compatible colors, and cut out a Cinderella image from a sheet of scrapbook paper. Here is a picture of the finished product.

Tea Tray

I did not take photos of the build process, but here are some lessons I learned:

1. Do not use cottonwood lumber for anything. It was too soft to bear the joints I wanted to use, and I ended up pegging the joints with dowels to keep everything together. YMMV; perhaps it was just this particular cottonwood board that was the trouble; I have no intention of trying again.
2. Every step of a project builds on the foundation of previous steps. If you choose the wrong lumber, the whole project is on a shaky foundation. Because of the cottonwood lumber, I ended up making decisions and choosing paths that I would not choose for a project built with cherry or maple.
3. One finished project is much more satisfying than a dozen unfinished.

Zoe seems to like the tray, but I don’t think she really understands what it’s all about at the moment.  That’s okay with me.