My ShapeOko Project Ideas

Not an exhaustive list:

  • Milling circuit boards for prototyping devices
  • Printing plates made from plastic, metal, wood, linoleum, or rubber
  • Badges and emblems made from laminated sheets (plastic, metal, wood)
  • Direct carving of molds for resin casting (physical copies of virtual objects)
  • Doll-house furniture
  • Engraved boxes
  • Engraved knife blades
  • Lithophanes

Activity in the ShapeOko Forum

Just a few of the kinds of things being discussed on the ShapeOko forum:

  • At least three different motor driver boards
  • At least two different ways to send G-Code to the interpreter
  • At least two different G-Code interpreters
  • Two distinct pick-and-place systems based on the ShapeOko 3-axis framework
  • At least two different 3-D printers based on ShapeOko
  • Several different drive belt modifications
  • Two additional alternatives for driving the Y axis
  • Longer X or Y axis modifications
  • Reinforcing the Z stage to handle a beefier tool
  • Spoil board and clamping options
  • Geographic sub-groups based in Asia, New Zealand, and Europe, driven largely by shipping costs from the U.S.A.  They are discussing making linear bearings by other means, or contracting with a local extruder, or making bulk orders.  No one, including Inventables, is discouraging these activities.
  • At least two alternatives to the MakerSlide material being used to construct ShapeOko

Why is all this significant?

It indicates a very active community of people who have already encountered every problem I am likely to see when I get my machine and start setting it up.

When I have successfully cut projects for a while, and I want to consider extending the capabilities, lots of people will have already blazed a lot of interesting trails.

If I decide none of the extensions fit my fancy, no one will freak out at me for going in a new and different direction.