You Have Heard It All Before, and What’s Happening Now

You Have Heard It All Before

Like many of us, I have fiddled with a blog off and on for many moons, now, and this is the latest reboot.

What’s Happening Now

The most interesting thing going on right now is waiting for shipment of my ShapeOko kit from Inventables.  The current expected shipping date is August 9.

What is a ShapeOko?  It’s an open-source, community-supported desktop CNC router.

There are a number of small CNC systems available right now, and even many open-source/community-based systems.  What makes this one special?

I could natter on about the excitement of watching the ShapeOko forum discussions, the friendliness of the community, the ease of modification, the quick technical advice and support from the forum and the primary developer of the machine (Edward R. Ford) … but a lot of that might not be very different from other, similar machines.

Let’s just say that this one seemed to catch my fancy in a way that the others didn’t.