AnomalyCon 2013

Barbie and I went to AnomalyCon over the weekend.  Some quick thoughts, in no particular order:

  • I had no idea when I first saw the dates for this event that it was over the Easter weekend.  My best guess is that all the other Spring weekends were booked.
  • I went to a number of writing-related sessions.  I picked up some interesting ideas and contacts, but the most value was just getting me excited about writing again.
  • Some of the sessions we attended were about costuming, persona, and the intersections between them.  Some of the ways of thinking about your costume persona are quite close to ways of thinking about characters in writing fiction.
  • We really enjoyed the a capella band “Pandora Celtica”
  • There were two bands that were really, really loud.  We tried one of them, and the lead introduced himself to me in the audience.  He seemed like a really nice chap, until he started screaming “Gouge out those eyes.”  I can hardly imagine what his music would have been like.
  • I have a few ideas for sessions I might propose for next year.